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ELTERM oil burners are fully automatic and have mechanical atomizing systems, according to the capacity and controlling type. They are produced as single stage or double stage controlled by servomotor versions .Also according to the fuel type, MB series burners are produced for diesel and E series burners are produced for fuel oil.

The Properties of ELTERM Oil Burners

  1. The Burners are manufactured according to the highest level international standards.
  2. he burners are fuel efficient thanks to their high efficiency. With turbulator system combustion head which provide perfect mixture of air and fuel, the burners provide burning efficiency higher than 90% normal conditions.
  3. Catalogue values are accurate and the burners very reliable.
  4. The burners have minimal burning nosie.
  5. Thank to high quality and very reliable component usage, the burners are very robust.
  6. The burners have flange with hinges for mounting, this provides ease of maintenance.
  7. Motor mounted on the housing board provides both convenience of use and maintenance stages.


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